Saturday, March 21, 2015 @ 8am

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Lisa Whited
Chief Transformation Officer
Workplace Transformation Facilitation

An Orderly Office

Lisa focuses on the connection between organizational development and facility design, specializing in strategic planning and effective change management. Whited is a trainer, speaker and leader who has developed and delivered webinars and in-person workshops across the country. Her speaking career expands into her work as an accomplished writer, having published numerous articles, continuing education monographs and white papers. She is also a master facilitator and trained mediator. Whited is gifted at building high performing teams and successfully includes stakeholders in the process of change. As a result of her work, groups reach extraordinary outcomes.

Through her facilitation, teaching and project management experience, Lisa has developed a deep understanding of group dynamics and situational leadership. A certified interior designer with over 25 years of experience providing space planning and design services for workplace transformation, Lisa knows that the most successful work environments need strong leadership, a clearly articulated vision and employee engagement. This appreciation led Lisa to earn an M.S. in Organization and Management from Antioch New England Graduate School, augmenting her interior design and architecture education to provide greater strategic value to her clients.

Lisa can be reached at or 207 329 2189.