Pieces That Fit

Saturday, April 25, 2015 @ 8am

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Karen MacNeilKaren MacNeilpieces
Teacher, Author
Pieces That Fit

Karen has been a primary school teacher for the past twenty four years and considers herself to be a champion for children. Having raised an autistic child for the past eighteen years, she has developed the patience and understanding to nurture children. She is a strong advocate for all children, both special needs and neuro-typical, and continues to strive to foster a positive, caring and fun environment for all children to succeed in.

Her father was in education and she followed in his footsteps. He often joked that” this is evidence insanity runs in families” but it seemed natural for her to take that path and she did so happily. Her dedication to her family, her school and most importantly, her students, has provided for a very rewarding life, both professionally and personally. She knows there will always be challenges along the way in education, in her classroom, with Chandler, but her experience has allowed her to overcome anxiety, fear and trepidation and to move forward positively.

Karen was born and raised in Southern Maine and continues to live there now near the coast. She remains active in her community as she feels that all families need a helping hand at one point or another. She values her family, her friends, her job, and her two dogs.