Accessory Packaging

Saturday, June 6, 2015 @ 9am

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Tom Traynor
Pak 2000

Accessory Packaging

Pak 2000 is a leading provider of prestige bags and boxes for a wide variety of industries, including the cosmetic, fragrance, personal care, luxury, and fashion sectors. Since 1972, we’ve provided a complete range of fine accessory packaging with a high level of expertise and continuous innovation.

Pak 2000 is divided into two distinct business lines. Our Fine Packaging line is focused on luxury bags and boxes for a variety of popular brands, while our Security Division creates solid state solutions for a variety of industries and services. Both sides of our business are fast-paced, growing markets where we are positioned as an innovative leader in technology, customer care, and production.

Best of breed

Since our company’s foundation in 1972, our Fine Packaging division has been on top of market trends and tendencies to ensure we always provide our clients with the most contemporary solutions possible for their particular sectors, and we’ll continue to do so from all of our worldwide locations.