Gifts for Fathers and Grads

Saturday, June 6, 2015 @ 9am

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Doug Fletcher

Doug Fletcher
Maine Wood Concepts

Gifts for Fathers and Grads

Also known as Maine Wood Turning, Maine Wood Concepts ® manufactures wood products for the Toy, Educational, Promotional, Craft, Musical, Hardware, OEM, Cookware, Hand Tools, Medical and furniture industries. Our Fletchers’ Mill Gourmet Division manufactures Top of the Line Elegant Cooking Tools.

Who We Are

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Maine Wood Concepts ® is a full-service custom manufacturer of wooden components & products. For over 40 years, we have been serving the needs of a wide range of industries including Toys, Education, Promotional, Crafts, Musical, Housewares, Cookware, Hand Tools, Food Service, Medical and much, much more. Comprised of several well-known & respected companies and consumer brands, Maine Wood Concepts offers the broadest range of custom woodturning, molding and finishing capabilities found anywhere in the industry.

What We Do

Maine Wood Concepts ® is comprised of several long-established companies that each brings unique manufacturing capabilities and years of experience to the table. Through the innovation and dedication of our employees we have been able to continually grow our business to include the following business units:

Fletchers’ Mill ®– ELEGANT COOKING TOOLS – Purchased from Vic Firth Gourmet in 2012. This line of top quality gourmet cooking tools include, Peppermills, Saltmills, Pump & Grind Mills, Rolling pins, French Pins, Muddlers and Utensils.  Visit the website at

Maine Wood Turning Mfg. Division – Specializing in Custom Wood Turnings, Custom Molding & Finishing since 1971

Sawmill Division  –  Specializing in Northern Hardwood Turning Squares, Boards and Dowels since 1999.

Lutz ® File & Tool Company – Home of the Original Skroo-Zon® Wooden File Handle & Accessories since 1904.

At Maine Wood Concepts ® we know wood, and we will work closely with you to address your wood product needs. Located in the heart of Maine’s vast hardwood forests, the staff of Maine Wood Concepts sawmill and manufacturing operations is ready to turn your wood concept into a reality. Whether your products are used in Industrial or Consumer applications, Maine Wood Concepts will strive to earn your trust and will help you to grow your business by providing you with high quality wood products and services.