2015 Concerts in the Park

Saturday, June 20, 2015 @ 8am

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Art DillonArt Dillon
2015 Scarborough Concerts in the Park


June, 25 Delta Knights—Since 1996,The Delta Knights Band, based in Portland, Maine, has specialized in the best of R&B, blues, classic rock and swing. We play weddings, anniversaries, corporate functions, private events, fairs, festivals, clubs and more.

Rob Babson: Rob is the founder/bandleader/front-person/M.C. of the Delta Knights. He is also the band’s lead vocalist, lead guitarist and chief songwriter/arranger. He’s been seen and heard playing blues harp, bass and even ukulele. Sandy Pardee: DK’s bassist/lead vocalist/M.C., now in his ump-teenth “official” year with the band, was the missing link of the Delta Knights. Darren Whitney: Our reed man has played on and off with The Delta Knights since 1999, joining the band full-time in 2009.Brian Hodgman: Brian is the “new kid” on the Delta Knights Band block.  However, he really isn’t new to the band.  For those who have followed the band for any length of time, he was a familiar sight on the Delta Knights bandstand as one of our most solid.