Eklipse Clips

Saturday, July 11, 2015 @ 8am

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Charley Earley
Eklipse LLC

Maine Inventor of Eklipse
Multiuse Clips-

CHARLEY EARLEY earned a Virginia Tech Architecture degree in 1980. During the first two decades of his 31 year career as a Project Manager and Designer he lived in Switzerland, working on global large scale projects. Consequently he considers his cosmopolitan experience and expertise to be that of an “Archi-Technical-Artist”. Charley initially conceived EKLIPSE in 1997 in Europe, where hanging laundry out to dry is widely practiced, since it extends fabric life, burdens our environment less, provides access to fresh air and, frankly speaking, saves money. Good things come to those who wait (and work hard), and in Charley’s case, it took 15 years of research and development to refine the initial idea. He has made significant improvements to the form, function and manufacturing of EKLIPSE: a clothespin, chip-clip, whatever…  There is a whole lot more to the EKLIPSE story, and Charley would love to share it with you. Email him at info@eklipsellc.comhttp://www.eklipsellc.com