Toy Box Treatments

Saturday, July 25, 2015 @ 9am

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Caroline Pack
Occupational Therapist
Toy Box Treatments

Hands On Development for Autism –

Toybox Treatments is an appealing hands on experience for anyone to enjoy. Our mission is to give individuals access to therapeutic tools they can use on a daily basis.  It was created to address fine motor, strength, and sensory skills through activities and tools that directly relate to activities of daily living.  These tools will facilitate movements and muscles that are relative to self-care, sensory, hand strength, cognitive development, and independent function in every day life.

It is not only about the tools we include but how they are used in unison with each other that make the Toybox amazingly effective. Through these fun colorful activities we are able to address: Bilateral coordination, motor planning, pre-writing skills, distal finger control, proximal stability, thumb opposition, visual motor, visual memory, mid-line activities, attention to task, eye-hand coordination, reading, fine motor strength, sensory awareness, as well as many other areas.

The Toybox includes over 150 purposeful toys and activities used separate and together, to improve current function. It includes 15 filled activity tubes, 3  twist containers complete with fine motor activities, 2 timers, 2 levels of Toybox Putty, 1 large bag of therapy fine motor and writing tools, sensory tools, ice/heat pack, and hand strengthening tools.  The lower tier also includes a variety of sensory balls, relaxing squeeze toys, tactile ball and fidgets for hand strength and exercise, pop tubes for sensory and strength, and delightful toys for fine motor coordination.