Saturday, August 15, 2015 @8am

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Roxi Suger

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Welcome to our beloved collection.  Always elegant, ever versatile and above all comforting. Founded by our ebullient designer Roxi Suger, ours is a family business supported by hosts of beautiful angels across the globe and a talented staff that craft our styles in a historic textile mill in downtown Biddeford, Maine.  We sweetly work with you to choose your ideal layers. Proudly made in the u.s.a. from sumptuous organic cotton bamboo rayon knits which serve all seasons and allow the skin to breathe making it cozy all the time, for work, play and sleep.
Perfect every day and ideal for travel, the collection works for a lovely range of ladies of all ages, stages and sizes with unique designs that transition from day to evening, from wellness to formal, and always feel good.
We are endlessly inspired by the angels we serve.  We are active in and give back to our community and swirl joy into our world all that we can.
May peace prevail