Foundation for Autism

Saturday, August 29, 2015 @ 8am

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Bryce from Maine Tex SalsaX
Stephanie Lay
Maine Tex Grilled Salsa

Special Foundation for Autism 

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SPECIAL Foundation for Autism was founded to advocate, educate and alleviate the many stressors of raising a child with a diagnosis of Autism. Our goal is to help parents navigate their way through therapies, medications, legal rights, financial programs, and more.

SPECIAL stands for Special Parents Establishing Connections In Autistic Lives. We want to help meet your needs by providing guidance, answering questions, networking with other parents, or even giving out batteries, because we know how important those noise-making, light-up sensory toys are! Please reach out to us by clicking the contact tab above. Last plaything was a Turnigy 9X review of a rather sweet controller for my RC airplane, everyone was quite happy by it.