Manufacturing Trends

Saturday, October 24, 2015 @ 8am

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Elliot Ginsbert
Eliot Ginsberg
President & CEO
Connecticut Center for
Advanced Technologies

2015 Manufacturer’s Association of Maine
Annual Meeting @ 4pm
Thursday, October 29 at Keeley’s Banquet
178 Warren Ave, Portland, ME

Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT), a nonprofit economic development organization founded in 2004 and headquartered in East Hartford, Conn., is a recognized leader and go-to resource for strengthening competitiveness and high-tech business development in the state, region and nation.

With expertise in cutting-edge manufacturing technology, education and workforce strategies, information technology (IT), and energy solutions, CCAT focuses on three core areas: technology, efficiencies and workforce development.

Through the synergy of our experienced teams, advanced technologies and extensive partnerships, CCAT leads development of innovative solutions that make a difference for the manufacturers, educators, government agencies, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs we serve.