Scarborough Council Candidate

Saturday, October 31, 2015 @ 8am

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William “Liam” Somers
Director of Risk Services

I grew up in Bar Harbor, and attended the University of Maine at Orono as a political science major. I play the guitar and love to bike. I live in Scarborough with my two children, Jack and Lily, and my amazing wife Janine, who works as Director of Marketing for Stonewall Kitchen.We have a rescue dog named Caicos, and two cats, Ellie and Gertie.

I am the Director of Risk Management and Customer Care at Cashstar in Portland. My previous work experience includes 20 years of Project Management, Budgeting and Operations for companies like Timberland, The Gap, and The Council For International Educational Exchange.

Name: William ” Liam” Somers
Age: 46
Position seeking: Town Council
Address 267 Holmes Rd
Phone: 450-4342
Occupation: Director of Risk Services @ Cashstar
Family: wife; Janine / Son; Jack (11) / Daughter; Lily (20 months)
Education completed: University of Maine, Political Science
Organizations and activities (including past political experience):
-Association President; ITOA

Top three issues: (Limit each answer to 100 words)

  1. Budget; Create a Responsible, sensible and collaborative budget process to balance the municipal, school and taxpayer needs. Work with school and municipal stakeholders to create of a long range 3 year spending plan, that is easily accessible for everyone to review. Maintain fiscal discipline to ensure we live within our means as a town in a manner that allows us to support our schools and continues to build and improve our town infrastructure.
  1. Communication; Revise our town public communications to ensure important information is available in a timely manner and solicit feedback from residents on issues that affect them personally, or the town as a whole. Encourage respectful dialog and the exchange of ideas to help us make the best, most informed decisions for our town.
  1. Business development; Continue to aggressively pursue ways to encourage new business growth in Scarborough. Make sure we aren’t putting up unnecessary roadblocks and find creative ways to use vacant buildings and underdeveloped land to keep Scarborough growing. Work to partner local businesses with schools and elderly services to deepen community ties and explore ways to create sponsorship and fiscal relationships that takes the burden off the taxpayer, while increasing services.

In your own words, why are you seeking elected office? (Please limit to 250 words or less)

I am running for Town Council because I love this town, I believe in the future of Scarborough and I think I can offer common sense leadership to keep us growing in a sensible and responsible way. We have been through alot in the last three years and the challenges we have faced with the budget process has caused too much turmoil. I want to bring us back to a civil dialogue where we solve problems together and decisions are made for the benefit of the whole town. As a father with two small children (one who is currently in middle school) I want to help the schools achieve their yearly goals, while also ensuring the taxpayers are given a voice on how their money is being used. If we work together, we can achieve great things for Scarborough in ways that will make us all proud.

If you could change one thing about Scarborough, what would it be and how would you do it?

I would change the divisive nature of discussions around sensitive issues, like the budget, or beach access. While these topics can certainly be difficult, we should be able to have open dialog that leads to solutions, compromise and understanding, instead of pitting one group against another. At the end of the day we are all Scarborough residents and it’s important that all voices are heard and all points of view are considered.

I would look to establish a citizen led committee to provide input, opinion and guidance for our elected officials to consider before decisions are made. I would ensure that questions were answered with facts, not narratives and I would look to ensure all information on a issue was easily accessible and presented in an unbiased manner.