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Mike Lee
Al’s Goldfish Lure Co.

Northeast Pad Print

Phone 413-543-1524
Email : Mike@alsgoldfish.com

After several years of looking for the right opportunity, in early 2015 Mike Lee purchased the 60+ year old Al’s Goldfish Lure Co and left his job to grow the business. Mike had spent almost 20 years working for Fairchild Semiconductor in South Portland. His career with them was fruitful and dynamic ranging from production line maintenance to senior leadership roles in accounting. While thankful for all the opportunity Fairchild had provided through the years including educational assistance, career growth and seeing the world, it was time to move on.

His dedication to raising his family in Maine heavily influenced the decision to buy a business. Knowing his kids may need to leave the state to pursue a career, he wanted to do something about it. After a lengthy search for a business to grow in Maine, Al’s was identified as a target to purchase, move to Maine and create some jobs.

Al’s Goldfish Lure Co was a 60+ year old fishing lure company with many products and additional services operating out of Western Massachusetts. Over the course of the 60 years the business had grown to one of the largest lure lines in the nation in the 1960’s to being days from closing in 1999. The successes and failures of the company had been from various ownership changes more than anything else. What Mike saw in Al’s were great products and capabilities, but limited marketing efforts. It possessed a core of great fishing products for retail, a full line of fishing products for company promotions and niche pad printing services. In May the business was moved into the Pepperell Mills a few doors behind Portland Pie Company where it now prints, packages and assembles products. The manufacturing cornerstone of the operation is the pad printing capability allowing for detailed small printing on odd shapes from fishing lures to tackle boxes to candle covers.

Since the move the focus has shifted to growth. On the fishing line the Original Al’s Goldfish, named one of Field and Streams 50 Greatest Lures of All Time, has made its way into familiar names such as Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops. The promotional line now offers the largest fishing related product line where a company can have their logo added. And now the pad printing service model has been developed with it currently supporting a growing package designer.

To purchase or learn more about the fishing lure line visit www.alsgoldfish.com or visit the facebook page to see the catches and see classic video’s.

To learn more about the promotional marketing line visit www.alsgoldfishpromo.com.

To learn more about the printing services specializing in small print and odd shaped items visit www.northeastpadprint.com.