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Saturday, January 23, 2016 @9am

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mparksMatt ParksSKMBT_C754e15101316461_0001
Director of Philanthropy
Annual & Special Giving
Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, Maine 04102
207-662-6111 Office

Sign up for the new Barbara Bush
Hospital License Plate Today!

We need our listeners’ help to create a specialty license plate to benefit the patients, families and caregivers at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center.

More than 775 people from across the state have already signed up. To create a specialty license plate, the State of Maine requires 2,000 Maine residents with active vehicle registrations to sign up with a $25 payment. Once passed into law, the Secretary of State will mail 2,000 certificates to the contributors that can be exchanged for a set of plates at local town offices or BMVs.

This is an incredible opportunity to benefit the tens of thousands of children who receive care at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital each year. The BBCH would receive an incredible $10 for every new specialty plate purchased and $10 of every $15 annual renewal. With 900,000+ vehicles registered in Maine, this could mean $100,000s of additional funds to enhance the care we provide our pediatric patients. Fundraising dollars in the past two years alone have made possible the new Angel One pediatric ambulance, PICU relocation and renovation, endowment of the hospital-based teacher, Child Life Program, Safe Sleep Program, Spina Bifida Program, Let’s Go Program, Safe Sleep Program, Vermont Oxford Network…and much more.

It only takes two minutes to sign up and to help children for generations to come: Please sign up today!

As our Director of Development, Annual and Special Giving, Matt oversees the fundraising efforts of a team of dedicated development professionals who work closely with the community to raise money to benefit The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital and Maine Children’s Cancer Program. The team’s fundraising energies also support Maine Medical’s research operations and ongoing staff medical training. Prior to joining Maine Medical Center, Matt worked for City Year, an education nonprofit in Boston that focuses on the national high school dropout crisis.

Hailing from Liverpool, England, Matt is an avid soccer fan and marathon swimmer. He hopes that training in the cold, surrounding waters of Portland will help him to achieve his lifelong ambition of swimming the English Channel. Matt completed an undergraduate degree in History and Politics in England and Colorado and has a Masters Degree from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. He also lived in Asia for five years, teaching English as a second language and studying Chinese.