Turner Syndrome Awareness Month

Saturday, February 6, 2016 @9am

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Kathy Caron
State Representative
Turner Syndrome Foundtation

I am a 45 year old wife & mother from Gorham Maine. I love for my family, have a strong faith, am a cancer survivor, have a love for running & fitness (my therapy).

I work 2 jobs. A full time job in an Ophthalmologists office & part time job as certified wellness & health coach coaching approx. 30 members. I currently completed a group wellness & health coaching certification & have a passion for helping & guiding others towards making healthy lifestyle changes & have witnessed many.


I am also the State Representative of Maine for the Turner Syndrome Foundation (based out of New Jersey) and as a parent, am beyond determined to help bring more awareness to our state in hopes of knowing our 19 year old daughter, Brooke, will have the resources she needs as she enters adulthood.