Candidate for Maine’s 1st District

Saturday, March 5, 2016 @9am

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Ande Smith
Maine’s 1st Congressional District

Ande Smith seeks the Republican nomination to challenge Chellie Pingree for Maine’s 1st Congressional District seat.  A resident of North Yarmouth, where he lives with his wife Julie McDonald, their five children and three dogs, Ande has a distinguished career of professional achievement and service to Maine.  He combines nearly thirty years of military experience as a submarine officer, both on active duty and as a reservist, serving at sea during the Cold War, in the desert of East Africa near Somalia during Operation Enduring Freedom, and in northern New Jersey helping the people of New York City during Hurricane Sandy.  In his professional life, Andehas over a decade of legal practice advising clients in environmental, finance, and compliance maters.  He subsequently built a career in cyber security, first as the Director of Information Security for Delhaize America following the Hannaford data breach in 2008, then serving as Chief Operating Officer for Tilson Technology Management in Portland, before starting his own company: Deer Brook Consulting.

Although a political outsider, Ande has made service to the State of Maine a hallmark of his life.  In addition to volunteering in a variety of capacities to support the development of Maine’s children, Ande has served on numerous boards and town committees and was appointed in 2012 by Governor LePage to serve on the Maine State Board of Education, working on both its Construction Committee and as Vice Chair of the Maine Charter School Commission.  Ande holds a Bachelor of Science degree in nuclear engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a Masters of Public Affairs from the University of Connecticut, and his law degree from the University of Maine School of Law.