Project Graduation

Saturday, March 26, 2016 @9am

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Joanne Freeman
Scarborough Project Graduation

Project Graduation for the Class of 2016 is excited to roll out a clear organizational planning model for the event that has been developed and approved by our Committee and the Administration.  This new model outlines fundraising, making a gift to the school, a Community give back program, planning, Committee formation, chaperon procurement for the event and timelines of development.

In order to make Project Graduation a platform for growth in student leadership, a “play book” is being assembled to outline all timelines and duties for each class to follow in order to begin saving for their own Project Graduation.  The monies raised from all fundraising that each class runs will be triaged as follows:  Save in a Project Graduation account to be used to fund the Graduation event, save for a Class gift to be donated to SHS upon Graduation and  save monies in order to donate to a Community outreach.

By June 2016, this book will be compiled and given to Principal Creech. It will have documentation of all timelines for beginning activities for each class.  The belief is that much of this process should be student led with the help of the Class Advisors in order to foster and build leadership qualities.

Each Class will have a fundraiser to organize every year.  The Junior Class will be the driving force behind planning for the Senior Class Project Graduation festivities.  A Committee of Junior Officers, Advisors and parents will have the “play book” to help them with preparation of the event with planning beginning in  the Spring of Junior year.  Every incoming Junior Class will follow this model to prepare Project Graduation for the graduating Seniors.

Our hope is to encourage parent involvement at the Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior level to plan forward for Project Graduation.  By the time the Senior class is ready to Graduate, all the work is done for them.

Please reach out to  Secretary to the Principal , Karen Sprague or

Project Graduation Lead, JoAnne Freeman   if you can help in this process.  We need volunteers from ALL classes to get this new model rolling so please, consider taking a role whether it be large or small.

All are welcome to our Project Graduation meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Jan 5th, 2016 in the All Purpose Room across from the Auditorium at SHS.