Farm Bureau

Saturday, April 2, 2016 @9am

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Alison Smart
Executive Director
Maine Farm Bureau

Maine Farm Bureau (MFB) is a true grassroots organization made up of farmers who work together through county meetings and voting to identify key issues that are lobbied for in Augusta and Washington D.C. Our goal is to advocate policies and practices that create growth and prosperity for those who harvest everything from land and sea.

In addition to supporting the success of all sizes and types of farms from small to large, from horticulture to aquaculture and forestry, food and fiber. Maine Farm Bureau campaigns for Maine agriculture as a whole; focusing on regulations that relate to production, processing, business practices and landowner rights.

We have deep and long-term roots in Maine and have an experienced knowledge base that is available for young, new, in-need and interested farmers.

By joining the Maine Farm Bureau, you support sustainable farming, your neighbors, your economy, and access to fresh food and products.