Autism and the Sibling Relationship

Saturday, April 9, 2016 @9am

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Dylan & Mariah with Ray Richardson - Mar 2016Mariah Volk
Dylan Volk

Watch the presentation by Dylan and Mariah Here.

Don’t miss the amazing presentation by Dylan Volk (age 24) & Mariah Volk (age 21), as they discuss “Autism & the Sibling Relationship” at the Southern Maine Autism Conference on March 12, 2016. They share the trials, challenges, struggles, joys, laughs and process of understanding when you grow up in a family impacted by Autism (Asperger’s). Dylan brilliantly explains how he was feeling during much of his childhood and Mariah beautifully expresses how life with Dylan was difficult but ultimately made her the person she is today. Please send us your thoughts and comments about their presentation at or put them on our Facebook page,
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