Smart Factory Cyber Security

Saturday, May 7, 2016 @ 9am

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Rob Dolci 3X
Rob Dolci
Aizoon Technology Consulting

2016 Manufacturing Summit
June 2 at Museum LA, Lewiston, ME
8am-Noon with Silent Auction –

Rob is President of aizoOn USA, part of an international technology service company that focuses on Smart Factory (Industry 4.0), Cyber Security and artificial intelligence. aizoOn Group operates in America, Europe and Australia with 500 engineers and mathematicians.
aizoOn USA partners with customers in the planning, deployment and execution of the latest innovative technologies, with a laser focus to improve their short term results and strategic competitiveness enterprise-wide.
Rob started working as Kaizen Engineer in the automotive industry, focusing on preventive maintenance and Overall Efficiency Equipment of several plants. He then spent 15 years as Chief Information Officer in discrete manufacturing and supply chain businesses, supporting Customers in automotive, pharma and retail. Rob has a record of accomplishment of change management initiatives that resulted in growing profitability and bottom line results.
Rob is a recognized technology executive: 3D modeling (rendering and printing), semantic and visual search algorithms, and SAP are his forte.