Killing Maine

Saturday, July 9, 2016 @ 8am

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Mike Bond
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Bestselling author, international energy expert, environmental and political activist and foreign correspondent, Mike Bond has lived and worked in over thirty countries on six continents.
International and renewable energy and similar projects:
 Former CEO of an international energy company.
 Investment banker and advisor to over 70 of the world’s largest energy groups.
 Power plant, pipeline, transmission line, oil refining and renewable energy projects.
 Chaired the international group of 28 nations that integrated the former Soviet Union’s high voltage electricity systems with Western Europe.
 Manager of a NASA/AIA project to design part of an orbiting space station. Environmental:
 President of several environmental groups and park and wilderness planning projects.
 Led a team of 52 scientists and engineers in a 4-year master plan project to protect the Smith River National Wild and Scenic River, the largest in the lower 48 states.
 Wrote several other Wild and Scenic River plans and studies.
 Helped create the Lee Metcalf Wilderness in Montana, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in California, and other wilderness and open space areas nationwide.
 Actively involved in fighting elephant poaching in Africa.
 Helped develop the Colorado Wolf Management Plan, which protects wolves statewide. Journalism, writing and political:
 Former anchor, PBS news program European Journal.
 Paris correspondent, Financial Times publications.
 War, human rights and environmental journalist in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.
 Associate Editor, Reader’s Digest Almanac.
 Speaking roles in several Hollywood films and leading role in television advertisements.
 Author of four critically acclaimed previous novels based on his experiences in war zones of the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, Central America and Africa.
 Former Democratic candidate, U.S. Senate, Montana.
 Led Colorado Business Leaders for Gore, 2000, and represented the Vice President in several Colorado debates.
 Active in political efforts to control the U.S. national debt and related problems.
 Several hundred television and radio appearances and other media events on energy, environment, terrorism, the national debt and other issues.