CEO Symposium

Saturday, November 12, 2016 @ 9am

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arthur-davis-photoArthur Davis

CEO Symposium
3.4 ppm Leadership
Thursday, Nov 17
Holiday Inn by the Bay

Arthur Davis is an Operational Excellence consultant and co-creator of the term 3.4 ppm Leadership.1 In my practice 3.4 ppm, or 99.9997% yield is the definition of Excellence. Lean Production, a derivative of the Toyota production system (TPS), has been misconstrued to mean a series of process improvements. The most sustainable implementation of Lean Production (or TPS) requires undergoing transformational change; a fundamental shift in beliefs, practices and metaphors. Change of this magnitude will not and cannot be successfully implemented without the direct, intentional involvement of the “top of the house”….i.e. the CEO, President/CEO, Senior Partner, Founder & CEO, etc. The rewards of this undertaking is, continuous improvement and 3.4 ppm, or near perfection.

Synopsis: 3.4 ppm Leadership Symposium.

3.4 ppm Leadership is a coherent system of leading an organization. It’s built on the belief that process perfection is possible and people are fundamental to achieving it. 3.4 ppm leaders are committed to self-development which requires a deep dive and willingness to go beyond current belief structures. Our beliefs become our operating system and limit or expand what we believe is possible.

Most leaders perceive excellence as achieving 95% to 98.00% quality yields, or 45,500 ppm to 20,000 ppm (or, Defects- Per-Million-Opportunities………DPMO) Leaders who are committed to fundamental change perceive excellence as 99.9997% quality yields, or 3.4 ppm (again, or PPMO). Their True North is process perfection. This symposium is intended to inspire you to take the journey to become a 3.4 ppm leader – and play a different game! This game requires a distinctive internal operating system informing leadership behaviors.

Program Objectives:

 Generate a clear vision of a 3.4 ppm leadership style.

 Expand perceptions of the role of leadership in achieving exceptional results.

 Engage in a simulation to surface and explore key concepts.

 Inspire and motivate continued learning.

Benefits of Participating:

In conversation with like-minded leaders, participants will have an opportunity to challenge their taken-for-granted ways of getting things done. What are the values which underpin a culture of learning and problem solving? When do we look within ourselves as leaders and when do we look outside ourselves at process? What assumptions and beliefs motivate mediocrity versus exceptionalism?

Investment: This introductory symposium is $125 per person to cover costs and expenses. Please call us for our generous not-for-profit discount rate.

Logistics: The symposium will be held at the Holiday Inn By The Bay Hotel in Portland, Maine

Register by emailing Arthur your name, address, email, phone, and desired method of payment. If paying by check, mail to Arthur Davis, 1199 Old Stage Rd, Woolwich, ME 04579. Or, if you prefer, log into pay pal and Registration deadline is November 4, 2016.