Fit3 For Me

Saturday, April 8, 2017 @ 9am

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Christine Toriello – 207.776.0301
Fit3 for ME | @Fit3forme

Fit3 is a revolutionary way to Get Fit, Feel Fit and Stay Fit.  Husband and wife team, Mark Gauger & Christine Toriello are your Fit3 champions with over 20 years of fitness and nutritional expertise.  Chris & Mark are excited to support your weight loss and fitness goals.  As graduates of the initial pilot program, they both lost weight, inches and body fat while increasing their muscle, stamina and energy.  “We are excited to help our fellow Mainers do the same!”

Fit3 is for anyone who wants a simple, safe, affordable, program to lose weight, get fit, feel great & stay fit for life.  It is a 90 day 3 step program of focused foods and fun fitness with powerful support, coaching, online workouts & daily encouragement.  Bonus: No off-limit foods, no deprivation, no “cleansing” required, a real plan for real people that really works.
We love working with families, co-workers, and towns to develop teams who will challenge and encourage either other to feel Fit3 fabulous.  A portion of FitKit sales can even be designated to support local non-profit organizations.