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Saturday, May 20, 2017 @ 9am

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Bruce Bickford
Co Founder, COO
Starc Systems LLC

Commercial Boat Builders –

Bruce Bickford is a degreed Mechanical Engineer with 34 years’ experience creating and building a wide variety of products, machinery and equipment for consumers and industrial clients.  His background highlights includes aerospace R&D, high volume manufacturing automation, innovative design and manufacturing of large composite structures for the automotive market and the development of a new product incubator company able to convert crazy inventions into profitable, manufacturable products.

His resume includes the following work experiences:

  • 5 years as a design engineer at United Technologies Research Center, building test cells, R&D on new products, and managing build projects;
  • 3 Years selling CAD engineering software
  • 8 years running my own business designing and building custom automation machinery for assembly and in process testing;
  • 5 years designing large scale composite structures and building a factory in SW Pennsylvania to manufacture them;
  • 8 years managing small precision sheet metal businesses

Bruce and his family live in Cushing, enjoying all that Maine has to offer.