Business Innovation

Saturday, September 23, 2017 @ 9am

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Mike Duguay, Executive Director
Harold Alfond Instutute
for Business Innovation

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Business Innovation –

Named for Maine’s premiere entrepreneur and innovator, the Harold Alfond Institute for Business Innovation has been established to spur economic vitality in Central Maine by nurturing the very talent that will assist in the creation of both jobs and wealth for the area.

The institute provides the platforms from which instruction, training, events, mentoring, and access to talent are all made available within the context of entrepreneurship and innovation. This is done through the programming and offering for both:

A native of Waterville, Mike has spent 22 years of his career in economic and community development positions within the State of Maine.  His first appointment was with the State of Maine Department of Economic and Community Development, where he worked closely with municipalities and businesses on workforce development, business retention and business expansion projects.  As one of three Business Development Specialists, Mike found himself working on some of the State’s premiere development projects such as the Pineland redevelopment initiative.

Mike then moved on to run a private non-profit development organization, Mid-Coast Council for Business Development, where he worked in regional economic development for Bath, Brunswick and Topsham and laid the groundwork for the area to become recognized by the Economic Development Administration as an Economic Development District.

Mike continued his career in economic development by becoming the Director of Development Services for the City of Augusta where he was fortunate to be part of the City’s latest renaissance and expansion including the development of the regional hospital, interstate exchange, Augusta Crossing retail center, deconstruction of the former American Tissue Mill, redevelopment of the Inn at City Hall, the Cony Flatiron, the LEED certified Hannaford’s and other signature developments.  In his 13 years with the City, Mike also had responsibility for overseeing the State Airport, facilities, code enforcement, engineering and community development.

In 2012, Mike became the first employee of Summit Natural Gas of Maine, LLC and was responsible for acquiring the anchor commercial customers needed in order to launch the company.  He also oversaw the company’s sales and development division, as well as being responsible for identifying where the company installed it’s distribution infrastructure within Maine.  In his role with Summit, Mike would become the company’s spokesperson and would interact with all host communities.

Mike graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Community Development.  He joined Thomas College in November of 2016.

Bitcoin Explained

Saturday, September 16, 2017 @ 9am

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Manny Rivera
Global Bitcoin Investors
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Bitcoin Explained –

Manny Rivera discovered his talents on his family computer while programming, tinkering, and of course by breaking it. He’s now been in the business for almost 20 years.  Manny later progressed to high school where he attended Howell Cheney Technical High School in Manchester, CT. There he earned his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and the honor of being one of Connecticut’s youngest certificate holders by the age of 17.

After he graduated he went on to work at numerous data centers across the state, working with major companies like Cigna, UTC and even Microsoft as a consultant.  In 2007 Manny along with his wife Diana, created the MD TECH TEAM. The MD TECH TEAM prides themselves as an expert in the creation of Joomla websites.

In 2014 Manny Rivera was honored as one of the 100 men of color as well as receiving a Mayors Citation for serving the community in business and leadership. Following that, in 2016 Manny Rivera was honored as one of Hartford Business Journals 40 Under 40. Since then, the MD TECH TEAM has created over 250 websites and currently manages 120 sites.

When Manny isn’t behind his computer he enjoys spending time with his family and reading to expand his knowledge on personal growth.

6th Annual Agents of Change Conference

Saturday, September 9, 2017 @ 9am

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Rich Brooks
6th Annual Agents of Change Conference

September 15, 2017
Abromson Community Education Center
on USM’s Portland Campus located at
88 Bedford Street, Portland, ME 04101
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Digital Marketing Conference Now On Sale!

Find expert interviews, easy to follow how-to articles, and success stories from people just like you. The Marketing Agents is all about helping you find and engage your audience through social, search and mobile marketing.

Whether you’re just realizing that the world changed while you weren’t looking, or you’ve been using inbound marketing techniques for a while, you’ll find great, usable content on how to:

  • Build and engage an audience on any social media platform,
  • Rank higher at the search engines so your audience can find you, and
  • Use mobile marketing to be in front of your customer when they need you most.

Written for small business owners by small business owners. I know what it’s like to have to balance marketing with writing proposals, making sales calls, managing co-workers, investing in new technologies and office chairs, cutting checks and making coffee. I’ve been doing all that and taking out the garbage for over seventeen years!

2nd Annual Blue Ribbon Walk

Saturday, September 2, 2017 @8am

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John Brubaker
Speaker, Award Winning Author
Executive Coach
Blue Ribbon Walk – SEPT 9, 2017

WHERE: The Walk Begins at the Kennebunk Police Station 4 Summer St, Kennebunk, Maine and ends at Topsham Police Station 100 Main St, Topsham, Maine.


Brubaker is teaming up with C.O.P.S. – Concerns of Police Survivors to show support and gratitude for our law enforcement officials by walking 50 miles in their shoes from the Police Station in Kennebunk, Maine, to the Police Station in Topsham, Maine.

Benefiting C.O.P.S., the Blue Ribbon Walk is an outward gesture of support for law enforcement officers all over the country. It’s also a fun, inspiring way to raise funds that support the families of fallen officers through C.O.P.S. programs such as peer support, counseling reimbursement and other resources to help families rebuild their shattered lives.


  • Do your spouse and kids worry when you leave for work each morning, wondering if you’ll make it home safely that night? (The children and spouses of our nation’s police officers do every day. )
  • Did you know 1,439 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty over the past 10 years? (That’s an average of one death every 61 hours or 144 per year)

Have you ever walked a mile in a police officer’s shoes? 

This is your chance to honor our law enforcement officials and show appreciation for the sacrifices they and their families make.

Your donations will be used to support families of fallen officers. Follow in Coach Bru’s footsteps and join us for the Blue Ribbon Walk. You can join our fundraising team or start your own today at:

For more info on Coach Bru, check

For more info on C.O.P.S., check out

The ManSock – Replay

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Ry RussellRy Russell

The ManSock –

Welcome to ManBrands.Club,

We want to thank you for joining us while we are in the initial phases of ManBrands.Club Beta. ManBrands.Club is an exclusive resource for men and men’s fashion. We believe that everyday men have to walk a fine line between being bold and differentiating themselves yet maintaining a professional look. We want our affluent men to be able to convey themselves in a way that will meet the need to differentiate in the boardroom yet refined enough for a jaunt around town. That is why ManBrands.Club will be introducing our first line of apparel; the ManSock. Socks are a great way to demonstrate ones creativity, sophistication and charm. We don’t believe you need to be loudest in the room to foster positive attention; at least not verbally. Make your presence known without ever saying a word with your ManSocks.

Dressing for success does not mean spending your hard earned money on audacious logos to demonstrate your prosperity. That is why ManBrands.Club is bringing you the ManSock well below big brand prices. We are utilizing the same composition and manufacturing techniques as top-end designers but between 40%-60% below their retail price. That doesn’t mean ManSocks are cheap, NOPE, because we understand they most certainly are not. There is a cost for producing luxurious, high-quality products; but as we grow we will remain focused on our core principles of product, price, and people. Our Company is based in the United States with American designers, thus ensuring we are innovative and forward thinking with ManBrands.Club products. 

Lastly, ManBrands.Club is about much more than just high-quality fashion; we are also about giving back to the community and the country we love. We are an entrepreneurial company that sees an unfortunate lack of resources for students to learn about entrepreneurship before they reach a post-secondary education. We are believe strongly in the power, drive, and creativity of young people and believe there should be more resources provided to them to help them succeed. ManBrands.Club is currently working on a partnership with a National Organization that focuses on providing these resources and educational tools to young people all over the country.

Once again, Welcome to ManBrands.Club
Ry A.K. Russell, Founder, ManBrands.Club

Workforce Transformation – Replay

Saturday, August 19, 2017 @ 9am

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Lisa Whited photo

Lisa Whited
Chief Transformation Officer
Workplace Transformation Facilitation

An Orderly Office

Lisa focuses on the connection between organizational development and facility design, specializing in strategic planning and effective change management. Whited is a trainer, speaker and leader who has developed and delivered webinars and in-person workshops across the country. Her speaking career expands into her work as an accomplished writer, having published numerous articles, continuing education monographs and white papers. She is also a master facilitator and trained mediator. Whited is gifted at building high performing teams and successfully includes stakeholders in the process of change. As a result of her work, groups reach extraordinary outcomes.

Through her facilitation, teaching and project management experience, Lisa has developed a deep understanding of group dynamics and situational leadership. A certified interior designer with over 25 years of experience providing space planning and design services for workplace transformation, Lisa knows that the most successful work environments need strong leadership, a clearly articulated vision and employee engagement. This appreciation led Lisa to earn an M.S. in Organization and Management from Antioch New England Graduate School, augmenting her interior design and architecture education to provide greater strategic value to her clients.

Lisa can be reached at or 207 329 2189.