This is How I Roll

Saturday, January 13, 2018 @ 9am

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Curtis Jordan

This is How I Roll

This Is How I Roll is a story about two characters named Big Baby and Cry Baby. They are infant brothers that are a metaphor for the two types of people that you will meet on the job and in life.

This book will help you discover the type of person you are at the moment, and if that choice has paid dividends or run its course. One character is a metaphor for doing what is hard and necessary in order to be successful in life. He understands that waiting for success is not an option, because nothing comes easy unless you work hard for what you want. The other character is a metaphor for complaining (crying) when things don’t go your way. He expects success to come by people doing things for him without learning how to do for himself.

The characters are faced with the same choices we all face, but their actions are what separates them when it comes to success or failure. The crib metaphor is a direct correlation to the four walls of your job. How you function within those walls will be key to your success or disappointment. The metaphor of the baby bottle is a subtle way that can steal valuable time that is hard to recover.

If you are working at a job that you hate and life is not going your way, maybe you should look at this from a different perspective. The job is there to help you grow and learn what you need to know about yourself. This Is How I Roll is a quick and fun read with a simple concept in mind. It’s never too late to have the life you desire!