This is How I Roll

Saturday, January 13, 2018 @ 9am

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Curtis Jordan

This is How I Roll

This Is How I Roll is a story about two characters named Big Baby and Cry Baby. They are infant brothers that are a metaphor for the two types of people that you will meet on the job and in life.

This book will help you discover the type of person you are at the moment, and if that choice has paid dividends or run its course. One character is a metaphor for doing what is hard and necessary in order to be successful in life. He understands that waiting for success is not an option, because nothing comes easy unless you work hard for what you want. The other character is a metaphor for complaining (crying) when things don’t go your way. He expects success to come by people doing things for him without learning how to do for himself.

The characters are faced with the same choices we all face, but their actions are what separates them when it comes to success or failure. The crib metaphor is a direct correlation to the four walls of your job. How you function within those walls will be key to your success or disappointment. The metaphor of the baby bottle is a subtle way that can steal valuable time that is hard to recover.

If you are working at a job that you hate and life is not going your way, maybe you should look at this from a different perspective. The job is there to help you grow and learn what you need to know about yourself. This Is How I Roll is a quick and fun read with a simple concept in mind. It’s never too late to have the life you desire!

Bullet Proof Manager Leadership Class

Saturday, January 6, 2018 @ 9am

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Bo Balcavage

Lead Forward Leadership Development
A CRESTCOM Franchise

Robert M. (Bo) Balcavage is the president of Lead Forward Leadership Development, a Crestcom franchise that he and (wife) Kim Balcavage began in Maine, in the Fall of 2017.

Robert M. (Bo) Balcavage grew up in Pennsylvania and enlisted in the United States Army after high school graduation in 1983.  He was assigned as a forward observer in the 7th Infantry Division, Fort Ord, California. After graduation from the United States Military Academy Preparatory School and United States Military Academy, he was commissioned as an Infantry Lieutenant in 1989. He served as an Infantry Officer in Armored, Light, Airborne, and Ranger units.  Bo deployed to combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to peacekeeping missions to The Sinai and Kosovo.  He culminated his military career as the Chief of Staff of The U.S. Army War College, in the rank of Colonel, before retiring from the Army in September 2017.

His military awards and decorations include the Legion of Merit, two Bronze Star Medals, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (with 5 Oak Leaf Clusters), Joint Service Commendation Medal, Expert and Combat Infantryman Badges, Master Parachutist Badge, Jordanian Parachutist Badge, and Ranger Tab.

Bo holds a Bachelor’s degree from West Point, and Masters degrees from Central Michigan University and The U.S. Army War College.

Bo is married to the former Kimberley Ann McNair of Lehighton, Pennsylvania; they have been married for 27+ years.  Their son, Jared is a senior at the University of Denver and daughter Kaleigh is a freshman at Georgia Southern University.

Bo and Kim are avid cyclists, hikers, skiers/snowboarders, and outdoor enthusiasts.  Bo enjoys hunting with his kids and family get-togethers with his extended family.

Volunteers of America

Saturday, January 6, 2018 @ 9am

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Michael Merrill
Director Veterans Services

Volunteers of America

Over the years, Volunteers of America has established itself as The Place to Turn for our country’s most vulnerable individuals. Volunteers of America was founded in 1896 by social reformers Ballington and Maud Booth. They envisioned a movement dedicated to “reaching and uplifting” the American people. On behalf of the organization, the Booths pledged to “go wherever we are needed, and do whatever comes to hand.” That declaration continues to guide Volunteers of America’s outreach efforts today.

At Volunteers of America Northern New England we serve the people of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont with the promise to reach out and uplift the human condition and provide opportunity for individual and community involvement.

Volunteers of America has supported and empowered America’s most vulnerable groups, including at-risk youth, the frail elderly, men and women returning from prison, homeless individuals and families, people with disabilities, and those recovering from addictions. Volunteers of America is also proud to be the largest provider of affordable housing in the country.

Willingness. Creativity. Compassion. These underlying values of our founding vision have led Volunteers of America Northern New England to serve more than 8,000 people annually in Maine.

Can I Carry Your Luggage?

Saturday, December 30, 2017 @ 9am

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Shelly Lance-Fulk
Jacklyn Amtower
Can I Carry Your Luggage?

Join two wildlife photographer sisters as they travel the world and share their favorite images and most memorable stories.

From Africa to Antarctica and beyond, their adventures and experiences both promote respect for the animals that enrich our lives as well as invite readers to share in their journey of discovery.

Our Next Governor

Saturday, December 23, 2017 @ 9am

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Shawn Moody
For Governor

A lifelong common-sense conservative and successful job-creating entrepreneur, Shawn Moody is running for Governor of Maine to ensure Maine continues to be successful for years to come and that every Mainer achieves his or her full potential.   Shawn Moody is best known for the successful business he has grown to 11 locations around Maine.  However, many may not know Shawn’s full story.

The son of a single mom who struggled with illness in-and-out of the hospital while trying to raise Shawn and his siblings; Shawn learned firsthand what it meant to struggle and it to overcome adversity. Growing up in a trailer park in Gorham, the same town in which he now lives, Shawn and his brother and sister worked together with their mom, a hair stylist, to keep the family together.  As a young man, Shawn knew that his way to success in life was a career and a job.  At the age of just 13 Shawn started working with automobiles as his hobby and, by that age, had already rebuilt engines and began overhauling cars. Shawn later started a business in his mom’s garage which has grown to Moody’s Collision Centers, one of Maine’s most successful entrepreneurial companies with 11 locations and nearly 200 employees.  Moody’s has twice been named “Maine’s Best Places to Work” statewide.

Moody’s employees are collectively coworker owners.  Moody’s employee ownership is a reflection of Shawn Moody’s approach to problem solving, which is based on empowering people and challenging them to achieve success, which benefits everyone from the top-to-bottom of an organization.  As a successful job creator, Shawn Moody knows Maine’s success for years to come is grounded in continuing to grow our economy, create jobs, and improve wages for people all over Maine.  He will work to end any job-killing red tape and ensure Maine government works with our small businesses and job creators to succeed, rather than hindering job growth.

Shawn also knows Maine must live within its means.  Any state spending must be smart and prudent.  The People of Maine must be assured they are getting a dollar’s return for every dollar spent.  We must root out waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars wherever it is found.  With a strong commitment to Maine’s future, Shawn is the only individual to serve on both the Board of the University of Maine System as well as the Maine Community College System at the same time.   Governor LePage’s choice to name Shawn to both Boards is a reflection of the need to connect educational opportunities to job opportunities in the state.

Shawn is a strong believer in Maine’s outdoor heritage.  He supports the 2nd Amendment and Maine’s hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation industries.  Partnering with local law enforcement on opioid drug take back efforts, Shawn has long supported our men and women in uniform who are first responders as well as our nation’s military heroes.  Shawn will always stand behind Maine’s veterans who have sacrificed for our freedoms.  Shawn is known as an independent voice from the political class in Augusta and Washington which sometimes puts lobbyists and special interests in front of the people.   His commitment has always been to the Maine people first.

Family is critical to Shawn and to strong communities in Maine.  Shawn has been married to his wife Chrissi for 30 years and has four young adults, Danielle, Jim, Ben and Nate as well as two granddaughters, Amelia and Jacquelin. They’ve lived in the same home in Gorham for over 30 years.

As our next Governor, Shawn will work to ensure Maine does not fall behind.