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Saturday, December 16, 2017 @ 9am

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Michael Splane
Payroll Territory Manager Northeast Region
Heartland Payroll Systems
PeopleGuru HCM

Michael was born and raised in Bangor growing up with sister Cate who now resides in Bar Harbor with her husband and 2 children. Mike joined the Air Force and was accepted into one of the military’s most elite programs. Mike was injured 9 months into his year long training program and left the military in 1993.

Returning to Maine, Mike joined fast growing MBNA credit card bank and worked his way up to a management position. After 5 years, he began taking business classes at the University of Maine and graduated with a BS in Business Administration in 2002 serving as social chair of his fraternity Phi Gamma Delta. Since then Michael has embraced a career in serving businesses.

Mike began his post college career with ADP, and worked in payroll for several years until he was hired by Mercer in 2005. While at Mercer Mike built a rich network of corporate contacts globally, and learned from the best in the world in sales tactics and strategy. Later at IBM, and other technology focused roles, much of his finance technology experience has earned him knowledge of treasury operations, cash management, claims processing and flagship ERP systems. Some of Mike’s clients over the years have included General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Abercrombie & Fitch, State of Maine, Maine Municipal Trust and the Maine Teacher’s Union.

Today Michael lives in New Gloucester with his wife and daughter on their small farm. Other than helping businesses grow and succeed, Mike enjoys reading, hiking, biking, shooting, cooking, and traveling.