Trip to Nicaragua

Saturday, January 27, 2018 @ 9am

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Derek talks about his family’s trip to Nicaragua.

Amy and Derek at the active volcano in Masaya, Nicaragua.


The family happily arrive in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.

Masaya volcano, according to the guidebook, “In a more litigious country you would never be able to get this close to such an active volcano.”

“The Spaniards said this volcano was like looking into the pit of hell.”

Derek holding a dead, and very poisonous, coral snake.

After climbing to the top of the volcano only to discover nothing but a muddy swamp.

New Year’s Eve sunset.

The Tarantula.

Amy and our girls at the top of Masaya volcano. Everyone agreed it was the coolest thing we had ever seen.

My family overlooking San Juan Del Sur.

It doesn’t get much better than being on a beautiful beach at sunset with my wife.

We got to watch baby turtles head into the ocean at sunset.

After getting “stuck” in Nicaragua for 5 extra days we rented this amazing house in Granada for only $225 per night.

Serena feeds a monkey on a boat ride in Granada, Nicaragua.